It is our responsibility to give a voice where there is none
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Eilish nobes
film / photography

Eilish is a documentary filmmaker based out of Georgia who hopes to give a voice where there is none, and believes that any cause or person no matter how big or small is worthy of a chance for their story to be told. Driven by her curiosity to explore, and tell stories she believes that there is so much that can be learned if the time is taken to listen and observe the environment around us as well as the people too.


Addie Ross
graphic design / language / media

Addie is a graphic designer, user experience researcher, and aspiring linguist based out of San Antonio, Texas with a passion for aiding and observing humanity in its various pursuits of compassion, respect, and understanding. She believes the first role of design is to assist in other forms of communication where depth in words will not do, to extend oneself beyond the barriers of cultural and linguistic restrictions to make all audiences feel heard and valued.


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