SANCTUARY SHARKS is an exciting and inspiring documentary adventure to save the world’s marine sanctuaries and Keystone species – sharks.

100 million sharks are killed a year for their fins alone. One third of all shark species are facing extinction. Commercial and long line fishing are just a part of the continual issues that overfishing has created in our oceans, endangering marine life like never before. It’s impossible to police the worlds ocean when it is under attack from every possible threat that is out there. And yet there is a glimmer of hope, that marine sanctuaries can help save the shark species.


Fat Panda Productions is a multi-disciplinary documentary film, photography, and design strategy firm with the goal of bringing light to the darker places of the world. Eilish Nobes and Addie Ross have been friends since 2017 and business partners shortly thereafter, realizing that as a team they can give nonprofits, small communities, environmental causes, and social issues a louder voice, utilizing their creative fields to bring attention to what is often overlooked. Each cause is a different one, thus Fat Panda runs on the understanding that no two solutions should ever be the same. Fat Panda lives and breathes on the goal to bring creative strategies to the 99%, whom we believe are the most deserving and the most empowered of subjects.