The York Plan

The York Plan is a city-wide hackathon, allowing youth in industrial based, STEM driven communities to form teams and utilize the existing structure of the "Arts Fest" in the city of York, Pennsylvania to create solutions for the city's current infrastructure. These students would be mentored by creatives who have pursued the arts post-grad and can act as advisors to design thinking, teamwork, etc. Student teams then are given the opportunity to present their ideas in front of a panel of city-appointed judges and their own community, who will choose three ideas to be enacted throughout the city within the next year. Thus the city begins a cycle of open mindedness toward creative careers and unconventional strategies to clean up the city of York, Pennsylvania. 



The utilization of guerilla marketing tactics for this particular strategy was such that the community was given the option to take action, even if they or their children were not participating in the hackathon itself. 



The aspect of literature was potentially the most important for this strategy in that it explained to both participants and spectators the importance of such a cause. Only 6% of the working community needs to be in a creative field for the city to thrive– how hard could it be?



To keep the good times going, swag would be handed out throughout the event to continue as marketing and raise money to enact such causes. The style and strategy of these elements was to combine the industrial edge of York, PA with its traditional Germanic heritage.


Bad Batch Alert

The Bad Batch Alert system is a startup out of the city of Baltimore, Maryland, created by a small group of students who could not stand to see their community riddled by heroin and opioid use any longer. The system itself is simple, any member of the community, be it a user, loved one, or just concerned citizen, joins this text line to receive updates when a "bad batch," that is, a batch of heroin cut with the significantly stronger and often more lethal fentanyl, is being sold in the community. This also acts as helpline and resource guide for getting help– overdose calls, rehab facilities, the works. Fat Panda realized that Bad Batch, while a genius system, was in the need of a facelift to truly get the word out there, thus came the "nursing kit" redesign.



These packages are first and foremost for clinics– thus the traditional brown box, especially for a nonprofit, is inevitable. Thus the tape and package design was created to brand the system without breaking the bank and to offer a solution for reusing such boxes in the future.


"the works"

Included in the clinic packages are the literature pieces as well as posters and small candies. Little known fact, if you want something done at a medical facility, candy is always a plus! Thus candies were also branded with the helpline number and messages from Bad Batch.


Literature was paramount for this system, such that those waiting at the clinic or just passersby could grab and go, being given all the tools to become a part of the "Bad Batch" cause. Grunge was utilized as a stark contrast to the sterile nature of hospital waiting areas.